A Guide to Siting your Sunrise Lodge

How to ‘Site & Level’ your Sunrise Lodge Mobile Home

Welcome to our ‘siting guide’ page. The video below shows how to site your Sunrise Lodge. The chassis in the video is different to some of ours, but the basis details on how to level it are the same.

We also have detailed specs on the concrete base you’ll need, along with much more useful info in our ‘starters guide’

This video is by the chassis manufacturers themselves, so it’s certainly in depth, you may not need as much as they use depending on where in the country you are, and what elements your home may be exposed to. But if in doubt, feel free to give us a call or send an email.

When you purchase your Sunrise Lodge we always include free standard delivery. However, this is a standard ‘drop off’ service, we will not have any other vehicle to manoeuvre or site the home for you. If you wish, our team at Newfhouse Caravan Transport can undertake the whole job for you, sending our highly experienced team with their 4×4’s, skids, blocks and all sorts to professionally and safely site your mobile home for you. Usually this service costs a minimum of £500 but does depend on your site and what might be involved.