How it all Works (FAQ’s)

How it all works


Welcome to our ‘how it all works’ Guide for our Sunrise Lodges. Buying a Mobile Home for the first time can be a daunting process, most people aren’t familiar with them un-sited, and don’t know where to start.

Here at Sunrise Holiday Homes we pride ourselves on our customer service, and we are happy advise on the entire process. Whether you are looking to put a Sunrise Lodge on a park, or on your own land; we can help you every step of the way. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get, and our answers:


General Questions


Where can I view your homes?

We usually have several Sunrise Lodges available to view and purchase from our showground, but they do sell quickly once here, so always call at least a day in advance as we don’t want a wasted trip! We are based in rural Weeley Heath, Essex.

Please follow this link for directions

How much will delivery cost?

If ordering a new model from the factory, Sunrise Lodges will include a free standard delivery to anywhere in England, Wales, and South Scotland. If ordering from our showground, this includes England only. This is a standard ‘drop off’ delivery where you may need a 4×4 to move your lodge into place. Don’t worry we can do it all for you, it just cost a little extra… more info further below!

I may have access issues and require assistance getting a Sunrise Lodge onto my land; do you offer a service to help me with this?

Yes we can assess your site first on Google, and make a site visit if need be. Our reliable and experienced transport company will quote depending on the distance, and how much work is required to get the caravan in, levelled and sited professionally. This is known as the hassle free option and costs start from £500. If there is no way in by road, we can even quote to crane them over your house!

Is planning permission needed?

In some cases a ‘certificate of lawfulness’ or similar might be needed. But really it depends what the Sunrise Lodge is being used for. To just put it in your garden won’t require planning, but if it’s going to be your “only or main residence” on an empty plot of land you’d almost certainly need it.

Most of our clients’ Sunrise Lodges are used as an annex. Mobile Home law states that provided a relationship remain between the mobile home and the house i.e. it’s being used as extra room space; you shouldn’t need full planning permission. For more info check out our planning guide or give us a call.

Are Sunrise Lodges suitable for year round use?

Oh yes! Our Lodges are built to the highest specification for EN1647. With full gas central heating via combi boiler, eco-double glazing, and Rockwool insulation; with walls almost twice as thick as a standard winterised static caravan. Sunrise Lodges are made to keep you cosy all year round!

Do you offer a warranty?

All Sunrise Lodges come with 12 months manufacturers warranty, this covers everything on or in the home. There are also separate and longer warranty’s on almost all parts of the home; if choosing CanExel cladding you’ll have an amazing 10 year warranty. All the appliances come with 2 years or more, as well as the windows, the roof and chassis… you are in good hands!

We are one of the few mobile home suppliers in the country who can offer an insurance backed warranty, thanks to MB&G Direct. Covering anything and everything on all of our homes; we can arrange an extended 4 year warranty for your Sunrise Lodge.

This comes into effect once the original 12 months has expired, giving you a total of 5 years peace of mind, for just £500! Please get in touch or ‘ask a question’ for more info.

Can I put a Sunrise Lodge on a park?

We can supply onto two 10 ½ month holiday parks; one in Clacton on Sea, Saddlebrook Chase. Or we have St. Lawrence Bay in Southminster, please check with the park about plot availability.

Alternatively we can supply onto any caravan park you wish, provided you have checked with the park that you are allowed to bring on a caravan you have bought elsewhere.

Unfortunately, about 90% of parks out there no longer allow you to bring on your own home, so please ensure you have written permission before purchasing from us or driving over to view.

What about insurance?

Your Sunrise Lodge is fully insured while it’s in our hands. From prep at the showground or factory, to delivery and siting on your land.

Once its on your land we advise you insure it through NACO Caravan Services who are very helpful people. We can also recommend the NFU.

We need a Sunrise Lodge to live in during a self build, when we are finished will you buy it back off us?

Yes of course! We are always happy to buy back our Sunrise Lodges. We can offer a guaranteed buy back within 12 months; the industry standard is 40% of the value back within the first year.

However we can offer up to 60% as this still works out much cheaper than renting. This is a great fall back if you need it gone quickly.

Alternatively we will advise you how to sell it yourself privately on Ebay or Gumtree for example. This way you will get most of your money back, as they hardly exist second hand! Also you could keep it in your garden as extra space, or get it on Air Bnb!

We can also help you arrange the transport back out again. But no matter how long you’ve had your Sunrise Lodge we’ll always be interested in buying it back.

How can I finance a Sunrise Lodge?

We have finance options available with Pegasus, please click on the right hand side of this page ‘finance calculator’ or get in touch for more info.




What sort of gas do your Lodges run on?

Sunrise Lodges always run on Calor bottled LPG (Liquid Propane Gas). You can either buy the freestanding bottles, or for long term you can install a tank.

If you’re going green, running solar or something else, you can also choose a fully electric version if you prefer, with electric boiler, central heating and oven.

What kind of base does it need?

The land will have to be cleared for road transport to get it in and sited. Flat and even as possible with 6-8″ of hardcore/ type 1, any solid aggregate will do as the base, preferably with some concrete bottom.

The minimum standard for a mobile home base would be 2 lines about 2″ wide for the wheels and axel stands to go along, running the length of the chassis i.e. 40ft.

If you want to add side or front steps, decking etc this will also have to be filled in. The top standard would be a full concrete base. This costs a lot more but is more permanent, most of our Sunrise Lodges won’t require this.

Is it possible to modify the structure e.g. paint the exterior, larger windows or door, add a skylight?

Anything is possible, but for different doors, windows & skylights be careful as the structure will need reinforcing; it has been manufactured a certain way! If you do get anyone else in to do the work, feel free to check with us if you aren’t sure.

If you’ve chosen CanExel cladding we wouldn’t advise painting, although it wouldn’t be impossible! If you’ve chosen real timber then you are free as a bird!

How easy is it to pull out the fitted fixtures, are there certain walls or fixtures that are not movable?

With regards to taking out walls, this can be done in certain places, always best to check with us first. As a general rule; don’t take down the middle wall (running longways down the home) as that will most likely be the supporting one.

Do you have floor plans and elevations?

We have floor plans for all of our standard models, which should display after the pictures. We can also send you full elevation plans, if for example your planning officer needs them.

What kind of power and water connections does it run on/need?

Most Sunrise Lodges run on a 32amp power supply via a blue 3 pin plug, but they can also be hardwired, whatever is easier your end.

Water can be connected by any outside supply/ from the main house, even a hose, but we wouldn’t recommend it long term or in winter! If you are more local to us in Weeley, Essex, we can arrange for our engineers to visit and quote you for the works.

How do they deal with waste water?

The easiest would be into the house mains drainage via manhole cover or similar, otherwise a cesspit/ macerator. All the brown waste and water pipes are common fittings.

We always advise to get a local LPG Gas Safe registered engineer and qualified Electrician round as they will be able to discuss all this with you and quote, as every job is different.

Do they come with legs/stabilisers?

All mobile homes come with wind down legs, but these are really just for showground use. If we are siting your Sunrise Lodge for you we’ll put it on slabs and jacks so you shouldn’t expect any movement, all the doors will open and close etc.

Depending on the ground it may ‘bed in’ over the first few months, but this is just a case of tightening the jacks underneath. The wind down legs are typically just for showground use. We can supply you with axel stands to site it yourself, however this is not the only thing needed!


What is the height of the ceilings?

Typically 6’10” would be the lowest point, and all of our lodges have internally vaulted ceilings (with externally pitched and steel pan tiled roof), giving the homes a spacious and light feel.


We hope this has helped with your questions about buying a Sunrise Lodge. But still if there’s anything you’re still unsure about, just give us a call or send a message. We’re always here for free advice